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Parker Sonnet Ciselé rollerball
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Parker Sonnet Ciselé Rollerball

Parker Sonnet Ciselé Rollerball

Sonnet a timeless symbol of elegance. A classic expression of refined style, Sonnet is Parker’s symbol of elegance. With an array of designs, including the enduring Ciselé pattern, every intricate detail is skillfully executed to bring sophistication to every writing occasion. 

Brown Rubber Lacquer Pink Gold Trim, 1931482.
Finish - A contemporary facetted pattern on brown lacquer with soft touch rubber effect.
Trim - Rose Gold Finish

Feminine Silver Pink Gold Trim, 1931486.
Finish - A subtle, feminine finish with a pecise faceted pattern, crafted in precious sterling silver. 
Trim - Rose gold plated

Stering Silver Cisele Gold trim, 1931491.
Finish - A precise chiselled 'cisele' pattern, filled with black lacquer on sterling silver
Trim - Gold Plated

Customed Chiselled Gold Trim, 1931539.
Finish - A precise chiselled 'cisele' pattern on the cap, filled with black lacquer on sterling silver. The barrel is finished with a deep black glossy lacquer.
Trim - Gold Plated

Purple Matrix Chiselled Pink Gold Trim, 1931544.
Finish - A purple lacquered sterling silver cap & barrel, etched with a rose gold finished cisele pattern. 
Trim - Rose gold plated

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